Cdial Halal History

The professional history of Mr. Ahmad Ali Saifi in Brazil started in 1965, in the city of São Paulo – SP, where, together with a few friends, he was one of the founders of Movimento de Jovens Muçulmanos.

After more than a decade of dedication and work, in 1977, Mr. Saifi became the Head of the Muslim Entity – Sociedade Beneficente Muçulmana Mesquita Brasil-SP. In 1978, supported by Movimento de Jovens Muçulmanos, it was founded the Sociedade Abu Baker Al Sedeek, which purpose was to represent and involve the ever-increasing Muslim community in Brazil and in Latin America, besides disseminating the religion through social activities, camps, classes and international conferences with attendance of members of the whole continent, where it was offered promotional books, leaflets and materials in Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic to such communities.

In 1987, 22 years after the beginning of his professional history in Brazil, Mr. Saifi founded the Centro de Divulgação do Islam para América Latina – CDIAL (“Islamic Dissemination Centre for Latin America”), where he noticed the need for expanding the dissemination of Islam to other Latin America countries.

Since its foundation, CDIAL’s action became larger and larger, especially in its collaboration with Junta de Assistência Islâmica and the Muslim World League, among other international entities located in countries like Egypt, Kuwait, and Arab Emirates. In Latin America, Sheiks and teachers, in more than 14 Latin countries, promoted the work of Islam dissemination and education.

CDIAL HALAL holds annual congresses related to the international Islamic community, participating in the foundation of a number of Islamic organizations in several Latin American countries and abroad.

As early as in the 80’s, Mr. Ahmad Ali Saifi received a request from Kuwait to provide services related to the religious Islamic slaughter in Brazil. Then, together with a group of managers, he developed Grupo de Abate Halal, engaging direct activities in plants and slaughterhouses and, thus, developing a Halal slaughter system and surveillance on Halal production. He made it available for the visitation of important Muslim persons of the Arab world.

In 1990, the governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia decided that, due to its expertise, CDIAL HALAL would be the exclusive provider of Halal food Certification for such markets, standardizing the procedures of the activity.

With a valued family and professional history, Mr. Ahmad Ali Saifi prepared his children to manage his family’s business: Mr. Ziad Ahmad Saifi is responsible for managing the Centro de Divulgação do Islã, which currently is a non-profit philanthropic entity, and Mr. Ali Ahmad Saifi manages CDIAL HALAL, in the position of Executive Director/Vice-President.

CDIAL HALAL grew focused in its business, sizing market opportunities to diversify and innovate. It currently has approximately 500 employees, certifying 95 manufacturing plants in Brazil with activities related to the slaughter of poultry, turkeys, ducks, and cattle, further including industrialized products.

Today, CDIAL HALAL is a global benchmark in Halal Certification, keeping strategic partnerships with food companies of international class. A significant part of its investments is targeted at the preparation and qualification of collaborators, quality management, food security, animal welfare, and in the continuous expansion of its productive capacity, in order to meet the market’s demands.

The mission of the company is to offer Halal food products to the Muslim consumer, being internationally recognized as a company of excellence in the certification of Halal Food and slaughter of animals as per the Islamic religious requirements, while generating business opportunities and shared value to the Brazilian society.

Ali Ahmad Saifi
Officer – Vice-President

+55 11 4128-2800

Rua Marechal Deodoro, 1960 – 2º Andar – Centro
São Bernardo do Campo – SP – CEP: 09710-201