Complaints, Appeals and Dispute Procedure


This procedure defines the process to receive, evaluate and make decisions on complaints, appeals and disputes, as well as the actions taken to resolve them.


ABNT NBR ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality management system – requirements.ESMA – UAE.S 2055-2: 2016 – Halal products – Part two: General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies.ABNT NBR ISO / IEC 17065: 2013 – Conformity assessment – Requirements for certification bodies of products, processes and services.


Applicable throughout the organization.


Complaint: Demonstration by Clients and / or interested parties regarding issues related to Processes / Services of the Certification
Appeal: Formal request to CDIAL HALAL, by the interested Customer, or other parties, requesting a new decision analysis to the Audit process, or certification processes or certificates that have been suspended, revoked or canceled by CDIAL HALAL.
Dispute: Judicial issue, that is, litigation involving the company concerned and the CDIAL HALAL.


5.1. Complaint
5.1.1. Receipt of Complaints

Every customer has the right to complain and appeal when they do not agree to CDIAL HALAL’s procedure.
The customer’s complaint can be via:
• E-mail:* Telephone (11) 4128-2800• Letter addressed:CDIAL HALAL – Complaint / SuggestionRua Marechal Deodoro, 1960 – 2nd FloorCenter – São Bernardo do Campo – SPCEP: 09710-201
The customer’s complaint may also be received through the Customer Satisfaction Survey and must be registered by the Manager of the CDIAL HALAL Management System on the Non-Conformance Registration Form (FORM 004).
The employee, who received the complaint, must confirm to the client or claimant the receipt of the same, passing the number of Non-Compliance for traceability.
The responsible for the receipt must forward the Non-Conformity to the Representative of the Director of the Certifier who will do the initial screening on the pertinent information of the complaint.

5.1.2. Critical Review of Complaint

The Certification Director’s Representative should confirm whether the complaint is related to certification activities or whether it relates to a certified customer. The Management Representative must refer the Nonconformity (NC) to the person in charge of the area.
The responsible sector should analyze and, when appropriate, send the proposed corrective action to the Management Representative, who should send a progress report of the complaint to the claimant.

5.1.3. Corrective action

The proposed corrective action must be consistent so that it can eliminate the cause of nonconformity.
When necessary, corrective action and deadline for implementation shall be established by consensus at meetings coordinated by the Certification Officer Representative.
When there is no consensus, it is up to the Board of Directors to decide on appropriate corrective action. In order to take corrective actions, it is necessary to follow the procedure of Corrective and Preventive Action. It is the responsibility of the Certification Director’s Representative to monitor the closure and effectiveness of the Customer Complaint, as well as its implementation.
After the claim is closed, the client or claimant must be informed.
The decision to settle the complaint or appeal is made, or reviewed, and approved by person (s) not involved in the certification activities relating to the complaint or appeal.To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, staff (including those performing a managerial role) who has advised a client, or been hired by a client, can not be used by the certification body to review or approve the resolution of a complaint or appeal to that client within two years after the end of the consultancy or employment.

5.2. Appeal

5.2.1. Receipt of appeals

The interested party must send a formal request for an appeal to CDIAL HALAL stating the reasons, within fifteen calendar days of receipt of the notice or complaint response.
The Certification Director’s Representative must register the appeal on the Non-Confidence form and confirm receipt of the appeal to the client.

5.2.2. Critical Analysis of the Appeal

The Management Representative in conjunction with the Appeals Committee (see the Appeals Committee training report) shall review the appeal and, if necessary, consult the auditor and / or any party involved. There may be situations where a new audit will be required for investigation and specific finding of the appeal.
In these cases, this analysis must be carried out by the Representative of the Direction and / or Board of Directors. The appellant must receive a progress report on the appeal to be sent by the Management Representative.

5.2.3. Decision

The decision on the appeal shall be made by the “Board of Directors or President of CDIAL HALAL.” The Management Representative shall formally inform the “interested party” of the decision.
If the interested party does not accept the decision, it may appeal to the Appeal Committee of the Brazilian Committee for Conformity Assessment (CBAC), for final decision. CDIAL HALAL must respond to decisions within the stipulated timeframe.

5.3. Dispute

An appeals process can at any time appeal to justice, thus characterizing a dispute. Such a dispute may be by both parties (interested party or Certifying Party).
Stakeholders should elect the city forum to decide any disputes arising from the certification process in question, renouncing any other, however privileged it may be.
In the complaints, appeals and disputes cases, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the actions taken should be dealt with at the management review meetings.















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Report of
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