Statement of Impartiality

With the purpose of maintaining the integrity and value of the American Halal Programs, the Management of CDIAL HALAL is committed to the strict implementation of the policies stipulated by the Manual inside CDIAL HALAL. The Management particularly emphasizes the independency, impartiality, competence, confidentiality, and professional ethics.

The Management is committed to:

  • Safeguarding the professional ethics;
  • Promoting impartiality in the operations through the implementation of an Advisory Council of Impartiality for CDIAL HALAL, composed of external members, members of academic communities of autarchies, or clients;
  • Protecting the confidentiality of all information obtained in the course of its activities of certification, validation and inspection, in all organizational levels, except when otherwise required by law;
  • Safeguarding the organization against financial pressures and/or other pressures that may influence decisions;
  • Ensuring, through proper procedures and training programs in progress, that all certification, validation and surveillance activities are carried out by competent personnel;
  • Maintaining the certification, validation and surveillance plans in compliance with the requirements of each relevant accreditation scheme.

Besides, the Management explicitly agrees to:

  • Maintain the strict independency of all parties involved in the certification, validation and surveillance processes, for example: test laboratories, inspection and audit organisms, standardization and accreditation organisms;
  • Ensure the non-discrimination;
  • Safeguard the unconditional access to services within the scope of operations of CDIAL HALAL;
  • Make sure that the criteria under which the activities of certification, validation and surveillance are assessed are compliant with the internationally recognized norms or other normative documents;
  • Assume full responsibility for decisions related to the issuance, maintenance, extension, suspension and cancellation of certifications, validations and surveillances;

Measures shall be taken to identify, control, reduce or terminate activities representing threats to the impartiality.

Yours sincerely,

Ali Ahmad Saifi
Chief Executive Officer / Vice-President
American Halal / CDIAL HALAL

+55 11 4128-2800

Rua Marechal Deodoro, 1960 – 2º Andar – Centro
São Bernardo do Campo – SP – CEP: 09710-201