What Halal food is

Halal food are the one whose consumption is allowed by God. In the Holy Quran, God orders Muslims and the whole humanity to eat only Halal food. Thus, observing the Islamic Laws, it is possible to consume all types of food that do not contain forbidden ingredients or that contain animals slaughtered/beheaded in compliance with the procedures and norms set forth in the Holy Quran or in the Islamic court precedents.

Halal food is the food that has natural characteristics allowed for the Muslim consumption. All natural food that was not modified by any Haram (unlawful) input maintains its Halal (lawful) status.

The Islamic court precedents specify what are the Halal (lawful) and which are the Haram (unlawful) foods.

Alcohol and its derivatives, as well as pork and its derivatives (including its fat), are forbidden for consumption by Muslims, added by some species of animals that are naturally forbidden for consumption.

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